Chicken and Egg: What BTAs and MSPs Can Learn From Each Other

Chicken and Egg: What BTAs and MSPs can learn from each other

In most every discussion we have with partners about the prospects for managed print services (MPS) as an adjunct practice to existing offerings, the question arises: Who is better suited to deliver managed print — the Managed Service Provider (MSP) experienced in the ways of services, or the traditional print VAR steeped in traditional printing… Read more »

Vertical Leap: Powering Up Energy and Utilities Sales

Connect and Expand - Vertical Leap - Powering Up Energy and Utilities Sales

Seventh in our series of Vertical Leaps Few businesses can boast the ubiquity of the energy and utilities sector. When these organizations talk about keeping the lights on and making the trains run on time, they mean it quite literally. Power and connectivity are such universal forces that it’s easy to underestimate or overlook them…. Read more »

Crafting Effective MPS Contracts and SLAs

Crafting Effective MPS Contracts and SLAs

Managed print services (MPS) are, at their core, about maintaining the heartbeat of a business. If you’ve ever witnessed how work comes to a screeching halt in an office when the printing and imaging systems go down, you’ll understand why MPS meets or exceeds the value proposition of many other IT technologies and services. As… Read more »

Avoid These Print Consumable Pitfalls

Connect and Expand - Avoid These Print Consumable Pitfalls

There’s an old French Canadian expression that, loosely translated, says “if you try to save a step, you’ll waste nine.” This axiom of false economy is on full display in many businesses where the effort to pinch a few pennies on print consumables…

Cumulus Global Shares 5 Steps to MPS Success for Cloud Providers

Connect and Expand - Partner Insight - Cumulus Global

For partners who’ve treated their clients print needs as an afterthought, Allen Falcon (@allenfalcon) has some advice: make print services an integral part of your practice and watch the recurring revenues roll in. Falcon is the CEO of Cumulus Global (@cumulusglobal), a born-in-the-cloud service provider in Westborough, Mass. that specializes in cloud solutions for small… Read more »